The Jefferson County Historical Society  (JCHS) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and safekeeping of the county’s historical structures, documents, artifacts, and heritage. The Society, a continuation of the Restore Our Courthouse and Restore Our County (ROC) efforts, began in 1978 when Restore Our Courthouse as formed by local citizens to save the Jefferson County Courthouse from being destroyed and replaced by a modern building.

For over 40 years, JCHS members and county citizens have worked to ensure that the unique history of the people, places, and events in our county are not lost. It is through the work of people like you that the history of our area from its earliest beginning through today is being preserved for future generations.


  • Sawbones and the Pecks of Mossy Creek

     Andy Peck, winner of the 2023 East Tennessee Community History Leadership Award from the East Tennessee Historical Society, will share his story of discovering previously unpublished writings from his family, the Pecks of Mossy Creek (Jefferson City, Tennessee), and the rich stories they contain. After publishing Ada’s Journal and Emma’s Letters: The Civil War Era Journal and Letters of Emma Peck during the COVID pandemic, Andy discovered and published an epic 1879 serial novel called Charley’s Novel: Mary Anderson and Peacock the Mineralogist, the Bad Luck of a Young Southern Girl. In the fall of 2023, Andy published the incredible 2 volume work: Sawbones: The Life and Times of Dr. Isham Talbot Peck (1811-1887). Dr. Peck, a prominent East Tennessee planter, wrote a series of 41 articles from 1874-1886 to The Morristown Gazette (Morristown, Tennessee), and they were carried by newspapers around the nation. Come learn about the Bald Mountain volcano of Appalachia, the Civil War Battle of Mossy Creek, and dueling in Vicksburg, Mississippi. These writings are great resources for family researchers, time period historians, and also teachers/students seeking to learn history using primary sources. Join us for an exciting discussion and readings from the books!

    Jefferson County Genealogical Society
    Monday, February 19 at 5pm
    First Baptist Church
    1610 Russell Avenue
    Jefferson City, TN.

    Friends of the Hot Springs Library
    Tuesday, February 20 at 7pm
    Hot Springs Library
    64 South Spring Street
    Hot Springs, North Carolina

    Creek Founders Celebration
    Friday, February 23 at 7pm
    Jefferson City Historic City Hall
    2004 Branner Ave
    Jefferson City, TN

    Rose Glen Literary Festival
    Saturday, February 24 from 9am-3pm
    Presentation 11am
    Sevierville Convention Center
    202 Gists Creek Road
    Sevierville, TN

  • JCHS Spring Meeting

    Thursday, April 18 at 6:30pm
    First Baptist Church
    1809 Maple Street
    White Pine, TN
    Lt. Colonel Joe Purser (ret) will chronicle the founding of the first settlements in East Tennessee, their wars with the Shawnee and Cherokee, and their involvement in the Revolutionary War. Colonel Purser’s 6th great grandfather served as a line officer in the Continental Army. Everyone is welcome and the event is free.

  • JCHS Spring Vintage 1864 Baseball

    Saturday, April 20 at 12pm
    Carson Newman University
    2130 Branner Avenue
    Jefferson City, TN
    Baseball Stadium located midway along Davis Street
    Teams TBD
    Join us for a memorable game of base ball played with 1864 rules, uniforms, equipment and decorum from 160 years ago. Everyone is welcome and the event is free.

  • Grateful Nation

    A local movement has been started in coordination with area ROTC and JROTC programs to identify Jefferson County's heroes and having Cards creating for them with the goal of have card decks of Jefferson County Heroes that can be given to local schools and organizations.

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  • Membership / Board Meetings

    Our quarterly membership meetings are held the 3rd Thursday in January, April, July, and October and is open for all to attend.


    Our Board meets 4 times a year at the Shepard's Inn, located in Dandridge. Meetings begin at 2pm. 
    The meeting dates for 2024: 

    March 12
    June 11
    September 10
    November 12

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