JCHS Scholarship

The Jefferson County Historical Society Offers its annual $500.00 Scholarship to current Jefferson County High School Juniors and Seniors.

The stated purpose of the Jefferson County Historical Society, Inc. is to promote an interest and the dissemination of knowledge of the history of Jefferson County, Tennessee. The scholarship program was implemented to help fulfill that objective and the historical society is pleased to be able to financially help a college bound student while stimulating an interest in Jefferson County history.

The scholarship essay program is limited to Jefferson County Juniors and Seniors. It must be typed and double spaced on 8 ½ x 11 unlined paper.  The format will be a 1000+ word essay on any aspect of Jefferson County, Tennessee history. The text can be from the student’s own perspective on the history of family, community, church, school, artifacts, documents, etc.  Footnotes and references must be included.  A cover page is needed and a number will be assigned to each paper to ensure anonymity and fairness in the judging process.  An essay on family must be written in third person in a manner not to identify the author.  Entrants must provide a statement giving permission to publish the essay.  A judging panel will be selected by the Scholarship Committee.  Each essay will be judged on content, organization, grammar, effect, and overall evaluation.


For More Information or to Enter contact:

Patsy Berry-Lawson

Participant Contact
Giuliana Collett
Jefferson County High School
115 West Dumplin Valley Road
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
(865) 397-3182

Participant Contact
Alalni Staples
Lakeway Christian Academy
3720 Roy Messer Highway
White Pine, Tennessee 37890
(865) 761-0522

Previous Winners

1998 Tina Lusk

1999 Kim Thorson

2000 Lori Jones

2001 Andrea Sellers

2002 Sarah Kay

2003 David Gentry

2004 Megan Hansel

2005 Ben Pewitt

2006 Jocelyn Mayes

2007 no entry

2008 Rebecca Pewitt

2009 Weston Gantte

2010 no entry

2011 Nikki Burchett

2012 Abigail Stidhan

2013 Michael Marshall

2014 Bree Eccles

2015 Iris “McKay” Devault

2016 Luke Kindred

2017 Luke Kindred

2018 Katie Wright

2019 Marissa Brown

2020 Jaiden Kasaval & Grady Hicks (tie; two scholarships awarded)

2021 Leslie Osborne

2022 Cecilia Payne

2023 Mandi Seals