Volume I  No.1

January 1989

Message from the President H.B. Jarnagin


Jefferson County Courthouse


Lily in the Valley, war at Mossy Creek (David C. Smith)


Excerpts from Knoxville Gazette


Zinc Mining Industry in Jefferson County (Phil Comer)


A History of Health Care in Jefferson County (E.P. Muncy/Plans to Write)



Volume I No. II

April 1989

A Message to Members Sandra Wilson, Secretary


Gann Family Conference


Francis Hodgson Burnett (Phil Comer)


The Iceman Goeth (Roger Behr)


What We Say (What We Mean)


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith)


Did You Know That . . .



Volume I No. III

July 1989

A Message to Members from the Board (Cancelled)


Rocky Valley Baptist Church


Hebron Presbyterian Church


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) A Relic Kentucky Hatplate (Photo)


Three Grand Dialects of Tennessee (Michael Montgomery)



Volume I No. IV

October 1989

Annual Meeting October


Did You Know That . . .


Our Civi War Days (Cleve Smith) Brass Thermometer


Three a Grand Dialects of Tennessee Michael Montgomery


First United Methodists of Jefferson City


Young’s Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church



Volume II No. I

January 1990

Five New Board of Directors


Membership Roster


How to Stay Young (E.P. Muncy, M.D.)


Father-Son Fighting Cocks from South Carolina Bite the Dust Together in the Woods Near Dandridge (Cleve Smith)


John Casper Branner (1850-1922) (Phil Comer)


French Broad Church if the Brethern









Volume II Number II

April 1990

Finding Permanent Office/Increasing Membership

Board Project List


Former Jefferson County Resident Presents Historical Map


Our Civil War Days Cleve Smith Federal Encampment, North of Holston River Strawberry Plains January 21, 1864


Mt Horeb Presbyterian Church


Regional Museum of Art Grand Opening Knoxville Museum of Art


Why Jefferson County Is The Crown Jewel In The Garden of Eden (Willard Scott)



Volume II No. III

July 1990

Structures of Faith


Message from President (Frank Clamon)


Tennessee’s Three Regions


Joint Meeting JCHS & JC Genealogical Society


Locals on Mid-Europe & Passion Play Tour


1990 IDEA Class


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) Mossy Creek December 29, 1863


Tennessee History in Brief


Tennessee History Comes Alive Cumberland County Playhouse


How Knox and Jefferson Counties Were Named


Twenty Day Visit in Eastern Europe



Volume II No. IV

October 1990

3rd Annual Meeting


New Market To Develop Historical Museum


JCHS Meeting Featuring Early JC History


Message From President Frank Clamon


Beauty Abounds in Central Europe David Noonkesser


National Archives Grant


Senator George W. Norris and the Birth of TVA (Phil Comer)


Our Civil War Days Federal Reserve Artillery Position Dandridge January 17, 1864



Volume III No. I

Winter 1991

In Memoriam Herbert Barton Jarnagin, Jr.


Board of Directors-Membership Meeting


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) Federal Encampment Near Mossy Creek March 3, 1864


Message from the President Frank Clamon


Editorial: He That Lives by the Sword Will Die by It


A Jefferson County Treasure – An Old Log School House Helen Gray

Vol. III No. 1

Winter 1991 (cont.)

Proceedings of the 1st Jefferson County Court July July 23-25, 1792


Tennessee History in Brief


Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church  Phil Comer


Rankin Memorial Tablet



Volume III No. II

Spring 1991

Dr. Jim Overholt Experiences as Anderson County Book Editor


New Market Commemorates It’s History


The French Broad Baptist Church (Phil Comer)


Piedmont Baptist Church Is 100 Years Old


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith)


Tennessee History in Brief


International Gann Reunion


New Board MembersElected at JCHS January Meeting



Volume III No. III

Summer 1991

Historic Bethesda Days June 22-23, 1991


Standard Banner Newspaper Is Triple Crown Winner


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) Dandridge TN January 26, 1864


Dr. James D. Hoskins (Tom Gentry)


The Jefferson City Library (William Bass)



Volume III No. IV

Fall 1991

‘A Home for History” Is Topic of ETHS Executive Director at JCHS Annual Meeting


Ramsey House Scene of September Picnic of Smoky Mountain Historical Society


Tennessee History in Brief


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) In the Field Jan. 16, 1864


Mary Edna Sullivan Appointed Director of Museum ETHS


The Story of Highlander (Estle Muncy)



Volume IV No. I

Winter 1992

Jefferson County Tennessee June 11, 1792-June 11, 1992


Book Review: Bent Twigs in Jefferson County (Phil Comer)


A Message From the President William Bread


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith) Near Strawberry Plains November 16, 1864


Joint Board of Directors Membership Meeting – Elect a Three New Directors


Bert Vincent Story (Tom Gentry)











Volume IV No. II

Spring 1992

Historical Society Discuss Bicentennial Projects


A Message From the President


The State of Franklin 1885-1889 (Estle P. Muncy)


One Hundred Years of Evolution of Counties in Tennessee


Rev. Reuel B. Pritchett: An Appreciation (William W. Bass)


Our Civil War Days (Cleve Smith)



Volume IV No. III

Summer 1992

Thousands . . . Fill the Streets of Dandridge . . . 200th Birthday Party


A Message From the President (William A. Beard)


The Formation of Tennessee Counties


Slavery in Jefferson County (Dr. David Young)


Jefferson County’s Participation in the Civil War – Confederates (William A. Beard)


Timeline of Jefferson County History



Volume IV No. IV

Fall 1992

JCHS Annual Meeting – Reminiscences of Carson Newman College 1948-1969 (Dr. D. Harley Fite)


Message from the President (William A. Beard III)


Dumplin Baptist Church Celebrates 195th Anniversary


Jefferson County’s Participation in the Civil War – Federal (William A. Beard III)


Old Time Saturdayin Jefferson City Has Largest Attendance in History


First Families in Tennessee


Pyramid Points the Way to Healthful Eating


Local Cosmologist “Goes Home” for Octoberfest


Columbus Quincentenary Celebrated at Candy Factory


Index, JCHS Newsletters 1990-1992



Volume V No. I

Winter 1993

County’s 200th Birthday Celebration . . . .


Message from the President (William A. Beard III)


JCHS Board of Directors Meet


Advertisement in the Dandridge Republican Banner

December 3, 1885


Dr. Roger M. McCowan (William W. Bass)


Our Civil War Leaders Brig. Gen. Sam yell D. Sturgis (Cleve Smith)











Volume V No. II

Spring 1993

How History & Geography Influence the Development of a Storyteller - Jeff Daniel Marion


Our Civil War Leaders. Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong (Cleve Smith)


Three New Board Members


William B. Pfeifer Discusses Preservation & Restoration in USA


Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson (Estle P. muncy)



Volume V No. III

Summer 1993

Smith to Discuss Local Archaelogy (David Cleve Smith)


Message from Your President: About Libraries (Estle Muncy)


History of the New Jersey Zinc Company – Jefferson City Mine (Howard W. Miller)


Our Civil War Leaders Col. Archibald P. Campbell (Cleve Smith)


Bicentennial Time Capsule Is Buried


Animal Motherhood Knows No Bounds









Volume V No. IV

Fall 1993

TVA Historian Ezzell Will Discuss “The First 60 Years of TVA”


TN Treasures Coming yo Jefferson County


Message from the President: The Weather


JCHS JCGS Guide 150 ETHS Members Through Historic Dandridge


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


20,000 Attend Old Time Saturday


History of Zinc Exploration and Mining in Jefferson County


Photography of 19th Century East Tennessee Exhibit


Fred Brown Sultana Sinking ETHS



Volume VI No. I

Winter 1994

Dr. W. Todd Groce Speaker Civil War Lecture


JCHS Board of Directors Elect Officers


Message From the President David Cleve Smith


Editorial- The Desire to Acquire


New Board Members


People and Places of Jefferson County


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith













Volume VI No. II

Spring 1994


Confederate Faces in East Tennessee Dr. Groce


Poetry and Ponder Page


Davy Crockett in Jefferson County Jim Claborn


An Experienced Historian Is Third JCHS Board Member


A Civil War Roundtable Talk J.E.B. Stuart IV


Rainfall Record to Fall 1994


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Letters to Editor


Book a Review: People & Places of Jefferson County



Volume VI No. III

Summer 1994


Speaker Dr. William Doug Taylor


The Horrors of WWII Came to East TN in July 1994


Muncys Take Lincoln Pilgrimage


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Christy, the Musical Will Be In Townsend


47th Rankin Reunion



Volume VI No.  IV

Autumn 1994

Steve Marion Annual Meeting Speaker


Fall Is Most Beautiful Of All


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Robert Reedy Bryan by Dr. William Bass


Reprinted from TN Ancestorshe Res: Muncy People And Places of Jefferson County


Book Review Phil Comer: The Melungeons, The Resurrection of a Proud People: An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing


A Message from the President


A Trip to Australasia



Volume VII No.  I

Winter 1995

Cherokee Trail of Tears


An Open Letter From Your President


JCHS Board of Directors Elect Officers; Amend Bylaws


Introduction of New JCHS Board Members


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


In Memoriam S. Dwayne Jollay





Volume VII No. II

Spring 1995

CNC Archivist Sue Lynn McQuire Tells Story of an ET Fighter Pilot


A Message From The President


Glenmore May Queen Contest


Jefferson County Tennessee Bicentennial Committee


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith

Volume VII No. II

Spring 1995 (cont.)

Families of Jefferson County TN to be published in 1996


Program Is Twenty-One Years Old



Volume VII No. III

Summer 1995

Jim Claiborne, Alias Davy Crockett


Message from the President


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


The 48th Rankin Family Reunion


Jefferson City Masonic Lodge (Old City Hall)


Bicentennial Celebration Kickoff And County Flad Un eiling


JCHS Board of Directors Vote To Have Mobile Quarterly Meeting Places


Former Jefferson Citibank Wins Gold Medal in Karate


Newsletter Editors Take Great European Rivers Adventure Cruise



Volume VII No. IV

Autumn 1995

Come See and Hear an Expert on 19th Century Social History


Tennessee Bicentennial Committee of Jefferson County


Eulogy to Lt. Col. Frank L. Milligan, M.D.


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Glenmore Mansion


Memories of WWII by Six Veterans – Wilson, Gentry, Hartmann, Cloyd, Naylor, Muncy


A Message From Your President



Volume VIII No. I

Winter 1996

Road to the US Presidency Andrew Johnson


JCHS to Have Quarterly Programs on US Presidents from TN


Cheryl Henderson Promoted to Associate Director ETHS


A Message From Your President


New JCHS Board of Directors 1996


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


County Historian Acquired Copy of Crockett-Ellen Marriage Bond



Volume VIII No. II

Spring 1996


Dr. David Young Speaker


A Message From Your President


Lawson Franklin Mansion


George Bauman by Tom Gentry


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Dr. Muncy Submits Article for Bicentennial Book


East Tennessee: The First Frontier


Tulip Popular Tree planted in Honor of 200th Birthday



Volume VIII No. III

Summer 1996

Meeting at McBee-Loy-Day Mansion

History of McBee-Loy-Day Mansion


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


Why The Civil War Still Lives Dr. James I. Robertson



Volume VIII No. IV

Fall 1996

Andrew Jackson The Egalitarian Impulse Professor John Wells


A Message From Your President


Highlights in the Life of Andrew Jackson


In Memoriam: Howard William Miller


The Failure of Gen. Longstreet’s East Tennessee Campaign


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


The Common Soldier of the Civil War Dr. Richard McMurry


County Historian Muncy Obtains 1877 Autograph Book



Volume IX No. I

Winter 1997

William A. (Dewey) Beard Speaker




A Message From Your President


Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


The Importance of Waterways During the Civil War Part I


The Introduction of New JCHS Board Members



Volume IX No. II

Spring 1997

Cleve Smith Speaker


A Message From Your President




Our Civil War Leaders Cleve Smith


The Importance of Waterways During the Civil War (Conclusion)


Tennessee Bicentennial Committee of Jefferson County Establishes Archives Office                          



Volume IX No. III

Summer 1997

Swann Speaker for JCHS Meeting


A Message From Your President


List of Current Members


Tennessee: A Pivotal State in the Civil War Muncy


JCHS Member Threatened With Eminent Domain


Crockett Connections Glenn Collier


Our Civil,War Leaders Cleve Smith


Ramsey House Celebrates 200th Birthday









Volume IX No. IV

Fall 1997

Glenmore Site for October Annual Meeting


A Message From Your President


Muncys Have Traced, Written About History All Across Jefferson County Steve Marion


Civil War Quiz


Hugh J. Moser II Measures Rainfall for 48 Years


Jefferson County Historical Society Hall of Fame


Eight Generations of Mosers Have Cultivated Jefferson County Soil by Muncy



Volume X No. I

Winter 1998

When the Gallic North Meets the Gallic South Dewey Beard


A Message From Your President


Strawberry Plains Sites To Be Considered for National Register


Archives Office To Celebrate First Successful Year


Jefferson County Archives


Our Civil War Leaders


New JCHS Officers



Volume X No. II

Spring 1998

Tour of Vance Building Spring Meeting


New Board Members


Glenmore Spring Fling


Branner Cemetery


Beaver Creek Loading Area


ETHS History Camp


Letter From the President


DeSoto’s Expedition


Historical Society Schlorship


Applications for First Families


Books and Memorabilia Available




Historic Church Near Historic Register Status



Volume X No. III

Summer 1998

Dr. Jane Smith Speaker


Journal Depicts Dandridge Life Durung Civil War


Letter from the President


Rocky Valley Baptist Church


Lusk Wins JCHS Scholarship


Application for First Families of Tennessee


Lusk’s Winning Essay


Books and Memorbilia


Remember When?





Volume X No. IV

Fall 1998

Roper Mansion 1820


Application for First Families


Letter from the President


Roper Tavern


Dr. Jane Smith


Books and Memorabilia


Forgotten Hero


Elephant Hanging


Original Branner Mansion





Volume XI No. I

Winter 1999

New Market Presbyterian Church Winter Meeting


Letter from the President


Please Don’t Throw That Away


New Book Hot Off the Press Jefferson County TN County Boundary And Civil Districts 1792-1998


New Board Members


New Officers


Smallpox Epidemic


Murphy Speaker October Meeting


Books & Memorabilia





Volume XI No. II

Spring 1999

Meeting Speaker – Sylvia D. Lynch


Strawberry Plains Site on National Register


Letter From the President


JCHS Scholarship Essay Program


Glenmore Gets Plaque


Open House




Treasurer’s Report


Comer to Comment on Historical Museum


Notes on Jefferson County Archives


Presenting Plaque

















Volume XI No. III

Summer 1999

July Meeting at Hopewell Presbyterian


Letter From the President


Gray Attends Workshop


Stories Wanted


Thorson Wins JCHS Scholarship; Essay Glenmore Mansion


Swann Land Sold


Committee Protects Artifacts


Museum Committee Appointed


Jarnagin Family


Vance School


Historical Markers


Harvey Logan’s Captor





Volume XI No. IV

Fall 1999

New Board Members to be Elected


Preserving History Through Photpgraphs


Rare Newspapers


Memories of Famous Setter (Bird Dog)


Public Notice – Intent to Claim and Restore Cemetery Property


Letter from the President


An Old Settlement – David Crockett, Long Creek, Finley’s Gap, Mt Horeb Community


Historical Marker Francis Hodgson Burnett


Quarterly Meeting at Hopewell


Descendants of Branner Slaves Visit Here


Tennessee’s Historic Sites And Museums


Books and Memorabilia


1886 Real Estate PromotionIndicates This Area Was a Developers’ Dream



Volume XII No. I

Winter 2000

Dr. James Baumgardner – Speaker The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson . . . .


Historical Society Essay Contest


President’s Corner


12 County Properties on National Register of Historical Places


The Samuel McSpadden House


3 New JCHS Board of Directors


A Schoolmarm’s Experience in the 1880s


Noonkesser Speaker


100 Years of Change


Revolutionary War Cemetery Facelift


Treasurer’s Report





Volume XII No. II

Spring 2000

History of George Street United Methodist Church


Dr. John Wells Speaker Early Methodism


President’s Corner


Information Sought on Revolutionary War Soldiers


Hay’s Ferry on the French Broad River


Historical Marker for the Battle of Mossy Creek Sought


Historical Marker Dandridge


Effort To Preserve Strawberry Plains Civil War Sites


History of Medicine Since World War II


100 Years of Change


Impeachment Trials Johnson, Clinton



Volume XII No. III

Summer 2000

JCHS Meeting Oak Grove


Lori Jones Wins Essay Contest Roots Deep in Dumplin


President’s Corner


Old White Pine Newspaper


Robert Gentry Log Cabin Circa 1793


Oak Grove


Collecting the Written Record



Volume XII No. IV

Fall 2000

October Meeting Marshall Hargrove Civilian Conservation Corp


Letter from the President


Eyewitness Memories CCC


Spring Meeting Oak Grove Community Center


Coincidences – Two Presidents


APTA Approaching Half Century


19th Amendment


Robert Gentry Cabin Finds New Home

Volume XII No. IV

Fall 2000 (cont.)

Copy for Historical Marker


Water Diviners – An Unusual Tale at Bush Brother’s Cannery


Remembrances of An Earlier Gore Political Campaign



Volume XIII No I

Winter 2001

Speaker David Goff Quakers in Tennessee


Historical Marker Approved – Mossy Creek


President’s Corner


JCHS Elects Nee Officers


Lost Creek Settlement Church


Branner Cemetery


Carson Newman Students – Civil War


Hargrave Speaker CCC


JCHS Annual Scholarship

Vol.VIII No. I

Winter 2001 (cont.)

Wyatt F. Nichols House


Jefferson City to Celebrate 100th Annjversary



Volume XIII No. II

Spring 2001

Beth-Car United Methodist Church


President’s Corner


Jefferson County Archives


A Look Backward 1908Jefferson City Watchman


Cleanup Branner Cemetery


Beth-Car: The First Building


Beth-Car Cemetery


A Union Soldier at Mossy Creek


Dandridge Revolutionary War Cemetery


Mt. Horeb School History Sought; Reunion Planned


JCHS Scholarship


Centennial Update/]p


Historical Marker for Hays Ferry/Oak Grove


Jefferson County’s Cave Man


JCHS Meeting: Lost Creek Friends Church



Volume XIII No. III

Summer 2001

Summer Meeting – McSpadden House Tour


President’s Corner


Sellars JCHS Essay Winner


April Meeting Beth-Car United Methodist


VP Reports on JCHS Museum Proposal


JCHS Board Meeting Report


Picket for Park Jefferson City


1st Jefferson Hospital & the Man Who Established It


Famous Hatfield-McCoy Feud


Books and Memorabilia



Volume XIII No. IV

Fall 2001

Quarterly Meeting – Humor of Abraham Lincoln


Southern Hospitality, History at Summer Meeting


President’s Corner


Can You Remember When Chestnuts Were Plentiful?


Another President Faced National Security Challenge


Remembering WWII Ration Books


1st Division of Jefferson County into Civil Districts 1836


Photo of Unknown Couple - Identified











Volume XIV No. I

Winter 2002

January Meeting – Old Video of the Area


New Officers for 2002


Letter from the President


Branner Cemetery


Sgt. Ralph Roach


October Meeting Humor of Lincoln


New Board for 2002


Mossy Creek Marker



Volume XIV No. II

Spring 2002

How the Scots-Irish Shaped a Nation


President’s Corner


Branner Cemetery


Johnson Family Research


A Civil War Story


Ford Cars and Familiar Faces


January Board and Quarterly Meeting



Volume XIV No. III

Summer 2002

JCHS meets at FBC White Pine


Scholarship Rcipient


President’s Corner


From ‘Lily in The Valley’ Cleve Smith


Letter from Capt. E.J. Cannon



Volume XIV No. IV

Fall 2002

JCHS Meeting – Families Displaced by Norris Dam


Presidents Corner


Books and Memorabilia


Lost Creek Cemetery Friends Station


Federal Veterans in New Market Cemetery



Volume XV No. I

Winter 2003

January Meeting  - Video History of Bush Brothers


President’s Letter


Recollections of Diary Farming in Jefferson County


A Brief History of the White Pine Public Library


A Brief History of the Strawberry Plains Public Library


Obituary of Pioneer Baptist Preacher Jonathan Quarles Buried in the Branner Cemetery in 1858


A Brief History of the Dandridge Public Library


Annual Meeting – Pioneer Settlers Along the Great Indian Warpath Trail


A Brief History of the Jefferson City Public Library

Volume XV No. I

Winter 2003

W.D. Albright and Albright Drug Store


JCHS Annual Scholarship



Volume XV No. II

Spring 2003

A Modern Magic Lantern Slide Show of Famous & Historic & Beautiful Places in Jefferson County Tennessee


Lost and Found – A Family Treasure Comes Full Circle


News About the 1st Scholarship Recipient


In His Time A Post-Morten Interview with J.D. Bible (Cleve Smith)



Volume XV No. III

Summer 2003

Meeting – Guided Tour of Historic Downtown Dandridge


President’s Letter


Story of Jefferson City’ Largest Manufacturer - Magnavox


History of Zinc Mining in Jefferson County


Congressman Davy Crockett’s Indian Removal Speech




The Fain House


David Gentry Wins JCHS Scholarship



Volume XV No.  IV

Fall 2003

October Meeting – Transportation Before Railroads: Riverboats, David Creekmore


History of Jefferson County Newspapers


JCHS Member Survey


The Elders and the Dumpling Neighborhood


The Martha Dandridge Garden Club


The Vance Building



Volume XVI No. I

Winter 2004

Winter Meeting – Objects Over Time


President’s Letter


Archaeological Research Proposed for Dandridge


The Tinsley Bible Drug Company


Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department


Resurrection of the Branner Cemetery


Robert Henderson’s Lower Meeting House -1785


The Old Gass Store Sold



Volume XVI No. II

Spring 2004

National Register Structures of Jefferson County


Archaeological Excavation Planned for June


The Hornet’s Nest – A Novel of the Revolutionary War


He Did A Good Job: Gorge W. Brimer


Partisans and Redcoats: The Southern Conflict That Turned the Tide

Volume XVI (cont.)

Nine Counties Regional Preservation Congress Maryville College



Volume XVI No. III

Summer 2004

Summer Meeting Cherokee Life Mark And Sherry Finchum


President’s Letter


Update on the Planned Archeological Excavations


Frank L. Gass Store Reopens as Dandridge General Store


Book Review: The Bridge Burners


Major General George Doherty, Sr.


The Location of George Doherty’s Farm & The Story of One of His Slaves


2004 Winning Essay The Bloody Tracks of Tragedy



Volume XVI No. IV

Fall 2004

Fall Meeting Denee Mattoli as First Lady Dolly Madison


President’s Letter


Book Review - Founding Mothers:  The Women Who Raised Our Nation


Archaeology of Thomas Tavern Dandridge


Book Review – Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention May to September 1787


Early Roads and Byways



Volume XVII No. I

Winter 2005

Winter Meeting Program: Charlie Towle as Indian Trader


President’s Letter


Book Review – Beyond the River: The Untold Story of the Heroes of the Underground Railroad


History of Shady Grove



Volume XVII No. II

Spring 2005

Spring Meeting – The World War II Generation in War & Peace Dr. Kurt Piehler


Book Review Martha Washington: First Lady of Liberty


Remembering a Dandridge Boyhood Fred Rimmer


Reclaiming the Soul and Soil: The Civilian Conservation Corp in Jefferson County



Volume XVII No. III

Summer 2005

Summer Meeting Program: General Andrew Jackson by Grant W. Hardin


Dumplin Valley’s Original Rankin Home Sites


2005 Winning Essay – Farrar Funeral Home











Volume XVII No. IV

Fall 2005

Fall Meeting First Lady Dolly Madison Denee Mattioli


Chronological History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church


Atoms in East Tennessee Jim Overholt




Winter 2006

Winter Meeting Sam Maner Researching Your Border Families of Lower Scotland and North Umberland


President’s Letter


Jean Patterson Bible 1912 - 2005


Treasures in You Backyard Dr. John Welton



Volume XVIII No. II

Spring 2006

Spring Meeting  Dr. Thomas Turner Pioneer Schools—Did They Really Matter


President’s Letter


How the Good People of New Market Saved Little Lord Fauntleroy


Jefferson County Post Offices


Historical Resources on the Internet



Volume XVIII No. III

Summer 2006

President’s Letter


2006 Student Scholarship Winning Essay The Story of Houston’s Mineral Water


Jefferson County and the Revolutionary War


Book Review Martha Washington Our First Lady



Volume XVIII No. IV

Fall 2006

Fall Meeting Dr. Kurt Piehler World War II Veterans


Henry Station





Volume XIX No. I

Winter 2007

Winter Meeting Debbie Woodiel – Emissaries if Peace


President’s Letter


Making History Today Highlander Center


The Haworth Cemetery


Memories of Indian Cave


More Dandridge Memories Fred Rimmer



Volume XIX No. II

Spring 2007

Spring Meeting Bill Carey TN History for Kids


More Dandridge Memories Fred Rimmer


Courthouse Restoration


Headlines, Ads and Articles from the Standard Banner 25 Years Ago Ginger Burchettt


Strawberry Plains Festival Elizabeth Finchum



Volume XIX No. III

Summer 2007

Summer Meeting Steve Cannon Civil War Reenactor


President’s Letter


Book Review -American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation


Some Early History of the Town of Dandridge Compiled from the Original Notes of Chester S. Rainwater


The Grand Hotel New Market



Volume XIX No. IV

Fall 2007

Fall Meeting Cherokee Storyteller Robert “Red Hawk” Elridge


President’s Letter


Scots-Irish Heritage Festival


Those Who Came Before Us Pat Garrow


Volume XX No. I

Winter 2008

Program will Kenton, Fort Loudon State Park portrays a British soldier from the French-Indian War


President’s Letter Mark Finchum


On the Wings Of An Eagle The First 100 Years Carson-Newman John Welton


Old Methodist Cemetery Ronnie Housley First Methodist Church Jefferson City



Volume XX No. II

Spring 2008

House Tour The AJ Bush House


President’s Letter Mark Finchum


One of Jefferson County’s Treasures: An Old School House Helen Gray


Bob Jarnagin Honored As Citizen of the Year


Glenmore Mansion An APTA Site


1st Bus Trip James White Fort


Marlene McClellan, Secretary and Treasurer


18th Century Medicine: Cure or Kill



Volume XX No. III

Summer 2008

Summer Meeting Jim Claborn


President’s Message Mark Finchum


House Tour A.J. Bush House Hill-Hance House


JCHS Scholarship History Preserved Through Brick and Mortar Rebekah Pewitt


JCHS Booth Best of Show June Jubilee


175th Anniversary Celebration Rocky Valley Baptist Chyrch


Progress on the Log School Project


JCHS Scholarship Winner Lori Roberts Chosen for Atlantik-Bruecke Study Trip



Volume XX No. IV

Fall 2008

Fall Meeting Sean McCollough


President’s Message Mark Finchum


JC HS Bus Trip Cherokee NC


Victory in Japan August 14, 1945 Anne Goddard Jones


Status of Log School Building


JCHS Travels to the Past John Lee Welton



Volume XXI No. I

Winter 2009

Winter Meeting TN Statehood An Uncertain Process Dr. Michael Toomey


President’s Message Mark Finchum


JCHS Board Member Freeman Lambright


Activities of JCHS Historians John Lee Welton


Historical Society Dinner Sean McCollough Music Appalachia


Newspaper Notes About Jefferson County Ginger Burchett


JCHS Board Member Robert Jarnagin



Volume XXI No. II

Spring 2009

Spring Meeting Home Tour Glenmore


President’s Message Mark Finchum


New Board Member. Ernest C. Hedges Jr.


Mills of Jefferson County John Lee Welton


Brazelton Mansion Showplace if the County Ginger Burchett


TN Civil War Trails Bob Jarnagin



Volume XXI No. III

Summer 2009

Summer Meeting Patricia Bernard Ezzell TVA Historian


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Billy Gratz by Ginger Burchett


Letter to WBIR re: Heartland Series


Frank Raymond Brown Nora Brown Foster


Photos from Bus Trip Ramsey House; John Sevier Home


The Turnleys of Taylor’s Bend Pat Garrow



Volume XXI No. IV

Fall 2009

Fall Meeting Dr. Joan Markel


President’s Message Mark Finchum


History of the Dandridge Dike Weston Gantte


June Bus Trip Ramsey House ET History Center John Sevier’s Home Marble Springs


Five Maples Ginger Burchett







Volume XXII No. I

Winter 2010

Winter Meeting Dr. Daniel Feller Publishing Andrew Jackson’s Presidential Papers


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Bus Trip to Nashville John Lee Welton


Helen Gray Hall of Fame


Google Books Patrick Garrow



Volume XXII No. II

Spring 2010

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Spring Meeting McBee House


New Board Member Clay Patterson


Pat Garrow Moving On



Volume XXII No. III

Summer 2010

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


JCHS Takes a Trip Back in Time Bus Trip Rocky Mount Carter Mansion Sycamore Shoals


JCHS Community Tours McBee House


Mrs. Muncy Makes a Gift to JCHS



Volume XXII No. IV

Fall 2010

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


New Board Members Rae Hutchins Keith Jones Randall Turner


Bush Brothers Opens Museum and Store


History of the Towns of Jefferson County Andy Wilson


Picnic & Quarterly Meeting Native American PowWows


East TN Civilian War The Face of Conflict 1861-1865



Volume XXIII No. I

Winter 2011

A Note from the Editor Wagon Wheel Restaurant Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


American Flag Raised on Iwo Jima


Guest Speaker, Billy Kennedy

JCHS Genealogical Society


Fall Meeting & Banquet Served Good Food and a Helping of History John Lee Welton


JCHS Hall of Fame Award


JCHS Booth Greets Hundreds John Lee Welton


New Board Members Ginger Burchett Karen Everett Ryan Presnell


Remnants from the Past  John Lee Welton







Volume XXIII No. II

Spring 2011

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


The Historic Hynds House Karen Everett


The Failure of the British Southern Strategy in the Revolutionary War Dr. Frank Clamon Part I


Flag Etiquette Patsy F. Berry-Lawson


The Two Faces of Andrew Jackson John Lee Welton


Remnants of the Past A Story of Old Downtown Jefferson City John Lee Welton



Volume XXIII No. III

Summer 2011

Fort Loudon State Historic Area Jeff Wells, A Man of History


A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


The Failure of the British Southern Strategy in the Revolutionary War Dr. Frank Clamon Part II


Nikki Burchett Scholarship Winner Photo


Hynds House Tour John Lee Welton


Lauren Collins Raises Awareness of Eminent Domain Patsy F. Berry-Lawson


Five Chimneys Nikki Burchett



Volume XXIII No. IV

Fall 2011

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


JCHS Banquet Ron and Joan Short


The Dandridge Telephone Office Ginger Burchett


Photos Cumberland Gap Bus Trip Ginger Burchett


A Short History of Strawberry Plains Ginger Burchett


Jefferson City’s House of Seven Gables John Lee Welton



Volume XXIV No. I

Winter 2012

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


New Board Members Jackie the Public GoodCollins Tom Sartain


Log School House Dedication John Lee Welton


JCHS Annual Banquet Program: Video Eminent Domain: Private Tragedies for the Public Good Lauren Collins



Volume XXIV No. II

Spring 2012

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


History of the IRS Patsy Berry Lawson


Reasons for the War if 1812 Dr. Christopher Magra Speaker


Alice Sutherland Pryor A Look a April, 1861 from Above the Mason-Dixon Line


The Minnis House Ginger Burchett



Volume XXIV No. III

Summer 2012

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Tennessee History Quiz


Book Review Broken Hearts Broken Lives Ginger Burchett


Minis House Spring Home Tour John Lee Welton





Volume XXIV No. IV

Fall 2012

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Civil War Commemoration at the Log School


Summer Picnic Explores Scots Irish John Lee Welton


On a Hill in Dandridge Scholarship Essay Abigail Stidhan


Kelly Shipe & JCHS Choral


Fred Hampton Durham



Volume XXV No. 1

Winter 2013

A Note from the Editor Don Lawson


President’s Message Mark Finchum


New Board Members


JCHS Bus Trip Sequoyah’s Birthplace & Fort Loudon


Annual Banquet JCHS Choir/Choral Director Kelly Shipe; Hall of Fame Dr. Muncy



Volume XXV No. 2

Spring 2013

Spring Home Tour Shepard Inn


A Note from the Editor Dale Knight


Presidents Message Mark Finchum


Trail of Tours Reading List


Finchum’s Present Trail of Tears


Civil War Dated Events for This Quarter Union Naval Supremacy



Volume XXV No. 3

Summer 2013

A Note from the Editor


President’s Message Mark Finchum


Historical Society Wins ETHS Award of Distinction


JCHS Sponsored Reprint Book Signing John Lee Welton


Historical Society House Tour One of Largest Ginger Burchett & John Lee Welton


Untold Stories Dr. Beth Vanlandingham Picni



Volume XXV No. 4

Fall 2013

Annual Banquet Rocky Valley Baptist Church


A Note from the Editor


President’s Message Mark Finchum


JCHS Bus Trip Civil War in Jefferson County


Jefferson City First Methodist Church & the Civil War John Lee Welton


Scholarship Winner Michael Marshall


Log School Welcomes Bus Tour John Lee Welton



Volume XXVI No. I

Winter 2014

A Note from the Editor


President’s Message Karen Everett


Ethiel Garlington January Meeting Speaker


The Dike That Saved Dandridge Michael Marshall


Fall Banquet Rocky Valley Baptist Church


1st President JCHS H.B. Jarnigan, Jr. Ginger Burchett



Volume XXVI No. II

Spring 2014

A Note from the Editor


President’s Message Karen Everett


Brick Pavers on Sale


Book Review TN Post Office Murals Ginger Burchett


JCHS January Meeting on Historic Preservation by John Lee Welton


Tour Downtown Dandridge


My Grandmother’s House by Chloe Praxis Berry



Volume XXVI No. III

Summer 2014

A Note from the Editor


President’s Message Karen Everett


Award of Distinction from ETHS re: Campaign to Nowhere


Dandridge Walking Tour by John Lee Welton


The Deadly Train Wreck of 1904 Bree Eccles


Fifth Grade Students Taken Back in Time by John Lee Welton

Volume XXVI No. IV

Fall 2014

A Note from the Editor


President’s Message


JCHS Picnic Speaker Sheds New Light on Moonshiners by John Lee Welton


JCHS Tour Andrew Johnson’s Home Greeneville


Annual Banquet French Broad Baptist Church









Volume XXVII No. I

Winter 2015

A Note from the Editor


Cox Mill Historical Marker


Historical French Broad Baptist Church by John Lee Welton


Fairfax Ginger Poe Burchett


Hall of Fame



Volume XXVII No. II

Spring 2015

The President’s Letter Don Lawson


Dr. Charles Edmonds by John Lee Welton


A Tour of French Mill


Civil War Tidbits Ginger Burchett



Volume XXVII No. III

Summer 2015

*No newsletter in the binder











Volume XXVII No. IV

Fall 2015

The President’s Letter Don Lawson


A Personal View of the Green Bridge Kyle Woodumeu


World Famous New Market Author by John Lee Welton


French Mill Bob Jarnagin


Walton’s Discuss The Goose Creek Area



Volume XXVIII No. I

Winter 2016

President’s Letter Don Lawson


Joint Meeting JCHS and JC Genealogical Society

Program - Great-Granddaughter of Francis Hodgson Burnett


Three New Board Members


Letter from Sara Legg Schoon Ph.D


JCHS Banquet Speaker Mount Zion United Methodists Church


Remembering Francis Hodgson Burnett



Volume XXVIII No. II

Spring 2016

Civil War Tidbits


President’s Letter Don Larson


Franklin Roosevelt from Life Magazine


Jo Koehler – To Speak At Spring Meeting


Glenmore Mansion: Hidden Home, Hidden Treasure Rachel Blalock










Summer 2016

Summer Picnic Lost Friends Quaker Church


President’s Letter Don Lawson


Quilts and the Underground Railroad Dr. John Lee Welton


Ellen McClung Berry: Triumph and Tragedy Luke Kindred


Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty



Volume XXVIII, No. IV


President’s Letter Don Lawson


Jefferson County Man Nationally Known Ball Player John Lee Welton


Lost Creek Friends Program for JCHS John Lee Welton


JCHS Donation Helped Bring Crockett Rifle To Life John Lee Welton

Volume XXVIII (cont.)

Photo Highway Marker Jefferson County Jefferson/Cocke


Fall Bus Trip American Museum of Science & Energy and Green McAdoo Cultural Center


Annual Banquet/General Membership Meeting (Cowboy’s)



Volume XVIII, No. I 

Winter, 2017

President’s Letter Don Lawson


JCHS Annual Banquet Article- Dr. John Lee Welton; Program:Longstreet Museum


The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Ginger Burchett


Bush Brothers Opens Museum and Store



Volume XVIII, No. II

Spring 2017

Short Bio: New President 2017


Program: Desoto Bob Jarnagin; article by Dr. John Lee Welton


Bus Trip: Oak Ridge Museum; Green-McAdoo Center, ClintonTN


President’s Letter


Book Review: Girls of Atomic City




Summer 2017

Note from the Scholarship Committee


President’s Letter

*Mis-labeled as Spring

John Casper Branner (1850-1922)


Treasures in the Courthouse, Wayne Roberts; Article by Dr. John Lee Welton



Volume XXIX, No. IV,

Fall 2017

Photo: Jefferson County truck outside Southern Railway Station/Knoxville Welton/Zirkle


President’s Letter


Melungeons Dr. John Lee Welton


Newcastle England to North Carolina to West Point Frank Clamon



Volume XXIX, Issue I

Winter 2018

President’s Letter


Annual Meeting/Fall Banquet: Speaker James Stokely III; Family of Earth by Wilma Dykeman


Jefferson County Courthouse


Lily in the Valley: Civil War at Mossy Creek David C. Smith


Our Civil War Days Cleve Smith


South of the French Broad: The Lesser Franklin; Cheryl Henderson



Volume XXIX, Issue II

Spring 2018

Cox Mill Tour


20th Annual Schlorship Announced


President’s Letter


Proceedings of the First Jefferson County Court


Book Review: Martha Washington Our First Lady


Dr. James D. Hoskins


Time Line of Jefferson County History (originally published in JCHS Newsletter 1992


Useful Sources for Historical Information



Volume XXIX, Issue III, Summer 2018

Summer Picnic, Field of Dreams


Volunteer Opportunities


President’s Letter


Cox Mill Tour Scheduled


Glenmore Mansion 150th Anniversary


Scholarship Award: Katie Wright


New Market Train Wreck


A World War II Injustice Recounted



Volume XXIX No. IV

Fall 2018

Annual Meeting: Bob Jarnagin, Speaker. History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church


President’s Letter


Noonkesser Speaker – Lawson D. Franklin family


Book Review: The Bridge Burners by Cameron Judd (Reprinted from Summer 2004)


Fall Bus Trip: Reece Museum; Gray Fossil Site Nat’l History Museum


Jefferson County’s Cave Man


Magnavox; Story of Jefferson City’s Largest Manufacturer







Volume XXX No. I

Winter, 2019

New President Karen Everett


Remembering the New Market Train Wreck


Bus Tour to Reece Museum and Gray Fossil Museum


Hopewell Presbyterian Church Fall Program


Winter Program Arthur Bohanan “Graveyard Forensics”



Volume XXX No. II

Spring 2019

Program: The Nelson Merry School


President’s Letter (Karen Everett)


Searching for Lost Graves, John Welton


Remembering the Nelson Merry School


Welcome to English Mountain

Volume XXX No. III

Summer 2019

Summer Program Nancy Fessenden McEntee, PhD; Mosley Blount, wife of William Blount


President’s Letter (Karen Everett)


Remembering Nelson-Merry School and Jay Bird Hill, John Welton


Welcome to English Mountain


Burning All Your Bridges, Marissa Brown