This spreadsheet is a compilation of information from the following sources: 

  • Bent Twigs in Jefferson County, Published in 1991 by Jean Patterson Bible. 

  • People and Places of Jefferson County. Published 1994 by Estle P. Muncy. 

  • The Crossing – A History of White Pine (Red-2nd Edition) Published 2012 by White Pine Historical Committee. 

  • Images of America – Dandridge, Published 2011, by Lisa Whillock Ellis. 

  • Jefferson County, TN History & Families 1792-1996, Published 1996 by the Jefferson County Genealogical Society, Inc. 

  • This is My Story, Published 1975 by Roscoe C. McAndrews, Jeff Co. Superintendent of Schools, 1917 – 1919 

  • School Board Minutes, 1907 -  2007, Archived in Central Office of Jefferson County Schools. 

  • Mt. Horeb History, a loose-leaf notebook compilation in County Archives collection. 

Note:  Some of the schools named in the spreadsheet are based on “oral history” that was reported in the various books and publications available in the County Archives Office.  Many contained in oral history were also listed in the BOE Minutes in the Department of Education archives and thus have hard documentation.  However, all names found were included in the listing.                                                                                Phil Kindred, Archives Volunteer, Spring 2018 




Beginning Date Closing Date School Name Community Description Location & Descriptive Information
1796 1920 Black Oak Grove (aka Black Oak) Black Oak Grades 1-8 Construction of Cherokee Dam impacted this school and the building and property  was sold to TVA for $1,085
1806 1819 Buffalo Grove Buffalo Grove Jefferson City West of Chucky Pike
1806 1819 Maury Academy #1 Dandridge Grades 1-12 Wooden building, community effort, used "land sales" money
1819 1884 Branner Land School Carsonville  Colored Located on today's Hicks Road, 1/4 mile east of JC Christian Church campus, historical marker is on property once used for a colored burial ground, chruch and school
1819 1910 Maury Academy #2 Dandridge Grades 1-12 3-story brick built, housed school and two faternal lodges,
1830 1926 Carsonville (Colored) Carsonville  Colored An offspring of the original Branner Land Colored School off Hicks Road
1830 1885 Holston Academy New Market Grades 1-12 Methodist built, south of Hwy 11-E off today's Piedmont Road, in 1836 had 140 acres and 1 building, sold to Presbyterians by 1885.  One building left after the Civil War, this was converted to a private dwelling and still remains.
1830 1926 Westminister White Pine Grades 1-8 Long Creek Community, near today's Fred Sharp Road, one-room log on hill across from Westmeinster Church & Cemetery, store and mill nearby.
1840 1885 Chestnut Grove #1 Chestnut Grove Grades 1-8 1 room log school, burned in  1878
1841 1960 Chestnut Grove #2 Chestnut Grove Grades 1-8 2-room school, still used as the Community Building for Oak Grove
1841 1860 Mt. Horeb School #1 Mt. Horeb Grades 1-8 Two-room log building, built by community men
1848 1882 Bird's School Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Near Birchfield Memorial Church, at least three buildings were built over the years, two burned, last on may still be standing on Lon Thornton Farm.
1848 1878 Cedar Ridge Chestnut Grove 1-teacher Near Chestnut Grove, students consolidated with Kansas
1850 1954 Dickey School #1 Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Log school, served for several years, located between Sandy Ridge and Chestnut Hill
1850 1884 Dickey School #2 Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Log School also and used as a church after school closed,  logs covered with clapboards, located about 1 mile west of Chestnut Hill Rd. Hwy 92S & Dickey Road
1850 1928 Sandy Ridge Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Off Sandy Ridge Rd.
1851 1854 Chestnut Hill Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Behind Methodist Church
1852 1867 Grapevine Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8  
1854 1880 Gray's School Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Hwy-411 on Chestnut Hill to Newport
1858 1868 Mullins Chapel Chestnut Hill Grades 1-8 Located 2.5 miles south of Dandridge on Chestnut Hill Road and 1/2 miles east of Hwy 92 S
1858 1870 R.R. Bryan Log School Mossy Creek Grades 1-8 One-block north of present day Hwy 11-E near site of today's Maple Crest Apartment Complex.  School was restored and moved to location between Jefferson Elementary and Jefferson Middle on Hwy 11-E where it is today.
1860 1929 Rainwater School Chestnut Hill Colored Bogart Chapel Rd., first used as church & school, separate log school completed in 1905, after school closed in 1947,building sold in 1949 and logs dismantled, rebuilt in local area as a barn.
1861 1888 Mt. Horeb School #2 Mt. Horeb Grades 1-8 Needed larger school for growing population, frame school replaced the log structure.  This structure burned in 1888 on a school day, no injuries.
1867 1927 Cythiana Cythiana  Grades 1-8 Off Hwy 25-70, near Kodak, close to 5-Points
1876 1879 Dandridge Female Academy Dandridge Grades 1-8 Served females Grades 1-8, but became Dandridge Elementary School after the Civil War
1879 1951 Dandridge Elementary School #1 Dandridge Grades 1-8 Old Female Academy served as elementary school, current Library site in Dand.
1880 1900 Bailey (aka: Sockless) Dandridge Grades 1-8 SE of junction of Sockless Rd & Cook Mill Rd., bldg moved to Shady Grove Boat Dock, Bailey School Road turns west off of Deep Springs Road about 1/2 mile from the Deep Springs exit off I-40.
1880   Oakdale (aka Frog Pond) Dandridge Grades 1-8 1-room school, located west of Spring Creek, approximately 2 miles west of Swanns Bridge
1880 1930 Shrader's Chapel Dandridge Grades 1-8 Possibly still standing approximately 1/2 mile on Shrader Road from Hwy 25-70 at jct. of Shrader Rd. with Goosecreek, across from Mt. Zion Church.
1882 1889 Dandridge Elementary School #2 Dandridge Grades 1-8 Occupied Maury Academy building
1883 1915 Dandridge Elementary School  #3 Dandridge Grades 1-8 Moved to old Maury High School Building
1883 1926 Edwards Academy White Pine 2 - story, grades 1 - 12 United Brethern in Christ Church, had 130 students by 1900, began in Greenville, TN.  Classical, Scientific, teacher training, & prepatory curriculums were offered to prepare students for entry into the sophomore year of college.  1917 sold to Presbyterians, Last graduation 1918 w/ 5 graduates, 1922 bought by County School Board, closed in 1926, sold and used as a storage building.
1884 1929 Dandridge Elementary School #4 Dandridge Grades K-5 New Construction on Hwy 92 S, near Jeff Co. Nursing Home
1884 1910 Maury Academy  #3 Dandridge Grades 1-12 Original 3-story brick buiding torn down and replaced with a second, on same site
1884 1910 Mt. Horeb School #4 Dandridge Grades Pre-K-5 New Construction in 2012 as part of county growth relief for Dandridge Elementary School, located on Dumplin Valley Rd approximately 2 miles east of Jct. of Hwy 92 S & Dumplin Valley Road.
1885 1920 Goose Creek Dandridge Grades 1-8  
1885 1941 Swann's Chapel Dandridge Grades 1-8 Located about 3 straight miles east of Dandridge, but reached by 6 mile route  via Hwy 25-70 and south via Birchfield Drive, in a land area of large bend of French Broad River.
1888 1910 Riverview Dandridge Coloredes 1-8 Located on hillside overlooking French Broad River, east of downtown Dandridge.  Part of school remains within the U.T. Agriculture Offices east of the dike.
1889 2012 Deep Springs Deep Springs Grades 1-8 Opened and closed at times due to low enrollment
1889 1959 Mt. Horeb School #3 Mt. Horeb Grades 1-8  
1889 1959 Nelson School Deep Springs    
1890 1922 Dumplin Dumplin 2-teacher  
1890 1923 Flat Gap Flat Gap Grades 1-8 original log building, 1915 enlarged to 3 room school
1890 1947 Nina White Pine Grades 1-8 Off Hwy 113 from Swanns Bridge3/4 mi SW of Nina Baptist , approximately 3.5 miles SW of White Pine
1890 1923 Oak Hill School White Pine Grades 1-8 Newport Highway
1890 1922 Snyder's Chapel  Dumplin Grades 1-8  
1892 1946 Caldwell Flat Gap   On Stooksbury Dairy Farm, behind house, off Seahorn Road
1893 1920 Beth-Car White Pine Grades 1-8 Original a log structure, served as school & church
1896 1952 Jones School Good Hope Colored On Repass Road, 1,000 feet beyond Lynx Rd.
1897 1956 Graham Chapel Graham Cahpel Grades 1-8 Harrison Ferry Rd., on right before reaching Baneberry
1900 1940 Annabel Grants Chapel Grades 1-8 Located near today's Grant's Chapel church, Hwy 92 & Hart Road, the old Maury Academy School Bell was moved to this school and later saved when the school was torn down.  The bell is on display on the old jail lawn in Dandridge.
1900 1907 Antioch Indian Creek Grades 1-8 Located just off Indian Creek Road, approximately 3.5 miles east of Indian Creek Jct with Chestnut Hill Road, Hwy 92 S
1904 1910 Gravelly Hill (aka Devotie Hill) Jefferson City Grades 1-8 South of Jeff City, east side of Hwy 92 S, just past NJ Zinc Mine, buildg sold for $90
1907 1940 Ailey's Chapel Muddy Creek Grades 1-8 On Muddy Creek, near Sevier County
1907 1927 Branner Female Institute Mossy Creek College Prep & Finishing  Located in the Oaks Mansion (Glenmore) , home of John R. Branner, operated by his younger brother, Joseph Ayers Branner
1907 1942 Carson College for Men Mossy Creek College Preparatory Same campus location
1907 1929 Cedar Glenn Leadvale Coloredes 1-8 Community population decreased, most moved to White Pine and school closed
1907 1920 Cherry Hill Willard Town Grades 1-8 Old Ashville Hwy., Whittaker property, still standing
1907 1920 Ebenezer Kansas 1-teacher Closed with buildiing of Kansas School
1907 1941 Eckel Leadvale Two story Leadvale Road, short distance off Hwy 113
1907 1920 Good Hope Mill Springs Grades 1-8 Merged with Mill Springs School in 1928
1907 1933 Green Hill    Grades 1-8 On Green Hill Road
1907 1942 Greenbriar Lebanon Grades 1-8  
1907 1941 Groseclose Jefferson City Grades 1-8  
1907 1951 Jefferson City Grammar & High School Jefferson City Grades 1-12 Located on CNC campus, facing Branner avenue, current site of Men's dorm and Nursing program
1907 1929 Jefferson Elementary School Jefferson City Grades 1-5 New Construction in 1958 with expansion in 1996 to make a total of  44 classrooms.  Highway 11-E, west of Jeff City
1907 1986 Jefferson Middle School Jefferson City Grades 6-8 Occupies old Jeff City High School building on Hwy 11-E, west of Jeff City.
1907 1946 Johnson     Located on Bays Mountain Road
1907 1920 Kansas # 1 Kansas Grades 1-8 6 miles east of Dandridge at intersection of Valley Home Road (Hwy 66) & Kansas-Talbott Road.
1907 1928 Kansas #2 Kansas Grades 1-8 Large 6-room school with a central auditorium located on Hwy 66, 6 miles east of Dandridge at Jct. with Kansas-Talbott Road, consolidated Ebenezer & Mansfield Gap when built, closed in 1958, in 1983 the building burned.
1907 1944 Leadvale Leadvale Grades 1-8 2-story school, lower floor a school, the upper floor used as a Masonic Lodge, building sold when closed, years later torn down.
1907 1948 Mill Springs Mill Springs Grades 1-8  
1907 1940 Mill Springs Mill Springs Colored Original bldg. sold in 1928 for $50 & exchange of land to build a new school bldg.
1907 1917 Mossy Creek / Masonic Lodge School Mossy Creek Grades 1-8 Originally a 2-story wing with Masonic Hall on 2nd floor and school on ground floor.  City added a new 30'x70' wing in 1904
1907 1940 Mossy Creek Baptist College Mossy Creek College & College Prep. Had its own buildings on current campus location
1907 1941 Mossy Creek Seminary Mossy Creek College Preparatory Met in a local Baptist Church, built own building by 1854
1907 1939 Nelson Merry Academy Jefferson City Coloredred 1-8,  9-12 12 Acres purchased, April 5, 1890, by 1895 two additional buildings completed, college prep & college, operated by Black Baptist churches, eventually became county HS for Blacks.  12 acre hilltop on North side of Mossy Creek/Jefferson City
1907 1940 Nelson Merry School Jefferson City Coloredes 9-12 Old buildings sold to Jeff Co. BOE and with Rosenwald Funds, new building was constructed, by 1955 had added a library  and had enrollment of 150 with 6 teachers and a principal.
1907 1940 Newman College for Women Mossy Creek College Preparatory Same campus location
1907 1948 White Pine Grammar  #1 White Pine Coloreddes 1-8 Smith Street in White Pine (New Construction)
1907 1928 White Pine Grammar - Sunnyview School White Pine Coloreddes 1-8 South Walnut Street in White Pine, school was enlarged and upgraded in early 40's and name changed to "Sunnyview"
1907 1940 White Pine Grammar #2 White Pine Coloredes 1-8 South Walnut Street in White Pine (New Construction)
1910 1927 Carson Newman University National Outreach University Name and status changed to University with corresponding academic programs
1910 1923 Carson-Newman College National Outreach College  Same campus location, but male & female colleges merged into one co-educational institutions, one of the first to do so in the South.
1910 1928 Friends Station/Lost Creek New Market 1-teacher  
1910   Hickory Ridge   Grades 1-8 Likely located south of French Broad River, approximately 1.5 miles south of downtown Dandridge via Hwy 92 S
1910 1948 Lee's Academy Muddy Creek 1-teacher Flooded by Douglas Lake 1942
1910 1915 Maury Academy #3 - Maury High Dandridge Grades 9-12 Name changed to Maury High School in 1910, but used the old Academy Building
1910 1920 Muddy Hollow Muddy Hollow Coloredd 1-8  
1910 1940 Parrots Muddy Creek Grades 1-8 Some sources say located near Muddy Creek. Building property submerged by Douglas Lake, building sold by BOE for $75.00., seems more likely to be located in southern edge of county in today's Parrott's Chapel area.
1917 1922 New Market Academy New Market Grades 1-12 Presbyterian operated, Gr1-6 were free to attend, Grades 7-12 charged tuition, located on hilltop near today's New Market City Hall and City Park.
1920 1965 Carter      
1920 1949 Fielden School New Market 1-teacher Indian Cave Road, students moved to Mill Springs when closed in 1939
1920 1963 Rocky Valley New Market   Piedmont Road
1920 1963 Talbott #1 Talbott Grades 1-10 Enlarged to 4 room school by 1922, remained a grammar school, brick building located 1.5 mi. south of Hwy 11-E on Talbott-Kansas Road.
1922 1927 Bates New Market Grades 1-8 Nances Ferry Road
1923 1940 Hance   Grades 1-8  
1923 1958 New Market Grammar & High School New Market Grades 1-12 New Market Academy was purchased by the Jeff Co. BOE in 1910 and converted to a public school
1923 1975 New Market Grammar & High School New Market Grades 1-12 New Construction near old Academy building
1926 1932 White Pine School #1 White Pine Grades 1-12 New Brick structure built by the county to replace the old Edwards Academy building.
1927 1951 Maury High School (New Building) Dandridge Grades 9-12 New Construction, above and left of original Academy building
1927 1985 Nances Grove New Market Grades 1-8 Located 3 miles NW of New Market, near intersection of Nances Grove Road & Buck Hollow Rd
1927 1951 New Market Elementary New Market Grades K-5 New Construction on Old A.J. Hwy west of downtown New Market
1927 1951 New Market Grammar  New Market Grades 1-8 Grammar remained when high school was consolidated with new high school on Hwy 11-E west of Jefferson City
1928 1951 Cottage Hill aka "Northern" New Market Coloredades 1-8 On hill behind AME Zion Church in New Market, SBM said vacant in 1949
1928 1965 Jefferson City High School #1   Grades 9 - 12 Located on site of current Jeff City Swimming Pool & City Park
1930   Mountain View   Grades 1-8 Possibly near today's Mt. View Church, about 2.5 miles east of the JCHS location and 1/2 mile south of East Dumplin Valley Road
1932 1965 Northern School   Grades 1-8  
1932 1983 White Pine School #2 & #3 White Pine Grades 1-12  
1940 1965 Pleasant Hill      
1950 1986 Haworth Bend (Colored) Nw Market Grades 1-8 Haworth Bend is a large section of land within a bend of the Holston River, north of New Market and in the area where Indian Cave Road terminates at the river.
1951 1975 Maury High School (New Building) Dandridge Grades 9-12 Current location of Maury Middle School, east of downtown
1951 1986 Oak Grove School Oak Grove Grades 1-8 Jct of Spring Creek and Old Oak Grove Rd., bldg. sold in 1946 for $300 to Oak Grove Community for use as a community meeting place.
1951 1986 Oakland Oakland Grades 1-8 Located near Oakland Church, a bit west of Jct. of Hwy 92 South andDumplinValley Rd, near location of todays JCHS Senior High.
1951 1975 Seahorn Oak Grove Grades 1-8 Possibly located in Oak Grove Community near Seahorn's Chapel
1952 2018 Wesley's Chapel Piedmont Grades 1-8 Near Wesley's Chapel Church
1959 2018 Meadow Brook School Piedmont Grades 1-8  
1963 2018 Piedmont #1 Piedmont Grades 1-8 Consolidated three other schools, later used as M-F Tractor Co., later burned and no longer visible.
1963 TBD Talbott #2 Talbott Grades 1-8 located about a mile further south on Talbott-Kansas Road from original school
1975 2018 Dalton Piedmont Grades 1-8 Possibly located near today's Dalton Road, West Dumplin Rd. & Asheville Hwy.
1975 2018 JCHS - Comprehensive High School County-wide Grades 9-12, Grades 10-12 Major consolidation in 1975, became the only high school for the County Schools, grades 9-12.  Later, renovated and became a Senior High in 2013, grades 10-12.  Located at intersection of Hwy. 92-S and Dumplin Valley Road.
1975 2018 Piedmont #2 Piedmont Grades K-8, K-5 Built across Piedmont Road near old school site, still in use, was 1-8 until 1975, then became 1-5, significantly expanded around year 2000.
1983 2018 White Pine School #4 White Pine K-8 New Construction on Roy Messer Highway, replaced the old brick structure closer in town for the 1-8 school.
1986 2018 Newman Piedmont    
1986 2018 Rock Town Rcoktown Colored8 Off Rocktown Rd., consolidated with Nelson-Merry in 1933
1986 2018 Shady Grove Shady Grove Grades 1-8 New build. Authorized BOE March 1928, old bldg sold for $106.00
2012 2018 Spring Creek Spring Creek Grades 1-8 East of Creek, on hill (Wamick House)
2012 2018 Strawberry Plains College Strawberry Plains Grades 1-12 Original building located on hill southeast of current Methodist Church, a wing and boarding house added by 1855.  Main building burned during Civil War, boarding house remained and later used as a school, but destroyed by fire in 1882.
2013 2018 Sweet Gum Bend Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8 Preceded Hodges School in same area, Sweet Gum Bend is large loop in Hoslton River, 3 miles north of Hwy 11-E via Beaver Creek Road
2014 TBD JCHS-Patriot Academy (Grade 9) County-wide Grade 9 New Construction 2013, approximately 2 miles west of JCHS main campus on southside of Dumplin Valley Road.
Pre-1907 1907 Willard Town School Willard Town Grades 1-8 Log school in Willard Town, west of Dandridge on the Old Asheville Highway. Torn down in 1896 and replaced by Cherry Hill School.
    Beaver Creek Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8  
    Belmont  Swannsylvania Coloredes 1-8 On Old Swannsylvania Road
    Bent   Colored  
    Bethel   Grades 1-8 Groseclose Road
    Brimer Heights Swannsylvania 3-teacher Indian Creek Road, consolidatd with Swannsylvania School
    Cedar Grove Strawberry Plains 1-teacher Rocky Valley area, near Cedar Grove Methodist Church
  1841 Flat Woods Swannsylvania Coloredes 1-8 closed & consolidated with Riverview in 1928
  1907 Friendship      
    Hodges School Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8 Upper bend of Holston R., 4 miles from Strawberry Plains
  1927 Jackson School Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8 Lower bend of Holston River is approximately 1/2 mile west of Strawberry Plains and is in the extreme western edge of Jefferson County border with Knox County
    Mansfield Gap Talbott 1-teacher Closed with building of Kansas School
    Mt. Pleasant School Talbott Grades 1-12 !st school in Talbott community, and served until brick school was built in 1920, located near Mt. Pleasant Church
    New Salem White Pine 1-8, 9-12, 1-4 Located about 3 miles southwest of White Pine at Jct. SR 113 & Falcon Rd., 1894 a 3rd room was added for high school to compete with Edwards Academy, when closed in 1928 when citizens petitioned the BOE to send kids to W.P.S., it had only grades 1-4, private dwelling after closure, burned in 1983
  1951 Pleasant Grove (aka-Piney) Strawberry Plains 1-room 4 miles south from Strawberry Plains, east of Old Dandridge Pike, near jct. of Piney Rd. & Hwy 139 (Old Dandridge Pike) Still standing July 2017
    Pleasant Ridge Talbott Grades 1-8 Off of Talbott-White Pine Road, Mansfield Gap vicinity, two buildings were built
    Red School White Pine   Across from WP Cemetery
    Rolling Hills Strawberry Plains Colored8 Located on Old Dandridge Pike, between Piney Grove & Strawberry Plains
    Rush Strong School #1 Strawberry Plains Grades 1-12 Adjacent to Hwy 11-E, old gym remains
  1907 Skeen White Pine Grades 1-8 Valley Home Rd., building removed from the site after it was closed.
  1928 Strawberry Plains Grammar Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8  
  1907 Swannsylvania #1 Swannsylvania Grades 1-8 On hill above Swannsylvania Baptist Church
    Swannsylvania #2 Swannsylvania Grades 1-5 On hill above Swannsylvania Baptist Church
    Taylors White Pine Grades 1-8 Possibly located on today's Baneberry Penninsula, aka Taylor's Bend in the French Broad River.
  1925 Trion White Pine Grades 1-8  
    Vance School Strawberry Plains Grades 1-8